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Blackjack tournaments

Take your chances and enter a blackjack tournamentMany of those who played blackjack in traditional casinos or over the Internet, contemplate the idea of entering a tournament. What makes these events special is that they offer significant prizes and provide players with an opportunity of proving their worth against equally skilled players. The game is still played against the dealer, but the main purpose is to finish ahead of the competition.

Why should you participate

The same question can be asked by poker players who wonder whether tournaments are a better alternative to cash games, and the answers are pretty much the same. Except for the fee the casino charges in the beginning of the competition, 100% of the entry costs fuel the prizes, which means that you can win a huge amount with a minimal investment. If there are guaranteed prizes as in most online casinos, the players can win even more than the amount collected from entry fees.

Playing a blackjack tournament online means that the time of the event is greatly decreased, and players enjoy the comfort of their home while competing. Land-based casinos are also great places for these events, because players spend some quality time while entering the race for big prizes. Normally a buy-in of $10 will give you the chance of winning a prize of $1000, but larger events have buy-ins that count in thousands of dollars, so it comes as no surprise that the prizes exceed $1 million.

The rules of the game

Blackjack tournamentsA regular blackjack tournament has a couple of rounds of play, which are fairly short and an elimination format is used to determine which are the ones who advance to the next stage. What happens is that after 20 to 30 hands are played, those who have the most chips in front of them move further while the rest are eliminated. Just like in Texas hold ‘em, the dealer button passes from one player to another which means that the order of play is very important and the seat position makes the difference.

Position is very important, because if you are the last to act, you learn a great deal about your opponents’ intentions and can react accordingly. For the chip leader this is very useful, because he doesn’t necessarily need to win a hand to keep his lead in decisive moments. By making a conservative play to decrease the chance of going bust, a chip leader can survive in this position by winning either against players or against the dealer. The runner ups are also advised to pay attention to position, to determine when it is suitable to double down for less, split or do other actions with a high level of risk.